Wednesday, December 5, 2007

50 Things To Do Before I Die

So you know how people always have those "things to do before I die" lists? I totally don't have one. I think it's about time to make one considering I've already let 20 years slip by!! (Ok not totally...I went to Hawaii, traveled overseas, and found the love of my life which would be on the list had I had one)

Before I get to my list, I googled "Things to do before you die" and found this list on Forbes, and I think it's pretty cool:
1. Make a pilgrimage- I think for me this would mean going to the Ukraine, but I really don't want to. Or Ellis island! Hm...
2. Eat a meal good enough to be your last-I'm pretty sure I've done this on multiple occasions.
3. Climb your own Mount Ventoux-Um I have no desire to climb a mountain seeing as I hate all things cold. However it does sound pretty freaking cool.
4. Memorize a poem and pass it on-This is actually pretty cute. I might do this.
5. Make an enemy for life- I think this conflicts with my whole Catholic upbringing. Unfortunately Forbes makes this one sound so cool with their talk of how an enemy will help define your character and such. Hm...I wonder whom I would even pick for my "enemy." We'll have to see about this one.
6. Forgive someone-*cough cough* parents *cough cough*
7. See for yourself that the earth is round- They talk a lot about this crazy cruise you can take. Maybe if I have the money when I'm older. It sounds awesome.
8. Take someone you love to see Camera degli Sposi- Can't say this one struck a chord with me. Although it reminded me that I want to go to the Louvre.
9. Defy gravity- Surprisingly enough, I've already done this one! Skydiving :)
10. Let someone else have a chance you missed- That's what grandkids are for :)

Ok, now I think I'm ready for my list:

1. Get my ears pierced (hopefully over break)
2. Go blonde (this can't be a smart decision, but I just want to do it once)
3. Go to Italy
4. Truly make peace with my parents
5. Go see my Baba and Dido's names at Ellis island
6. Go see the Victoria's Secret fashion show (I'm not sure this one is in the cards lol)
7. Watch the filming of Oprah with Jared
8. Take another dancing class
9. Actually learn how to play an instrument (no the clarinet in the 4th grade doesn't count)
10. Spend New Year's in an exotic location
11. Get passionate about a cause and start working to help it
12. Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
13. Spend Thanksgiving serving food to the needy
14. Donate money and put my name on something (a brick in a sidewalk, a bench, etc.)
15. Grow a garden
16. Kiss the Blarney stone
17. Make every recipe in a cookbook
18. Spend a whole day naked
19. Fly first class
20. Make babies with my person (Tyler)
21. Buy a house, and work with my husband to transform it into a wonderful home for my family
22. Go to graduate school
23. Sponsor a child
24. Learn to play tennis
25. Make love in front of a fireplace
26. Design my own T-shirt
27. Teach a little kid to bake
28. Kiss Tyler (I almost said if it would be anyone else lol) on a Ferris wheel
29. Get a naked picture of myself taken professionally and give it as a gift to my husband after I get married
30. Succeed in giving blood
31. Adopt a kitty
32. Do a charity walk
33. Go wine tasting in northern California
34. Organize all my photos into scrapbooks
35. Drink tequila in Mexico
36. French kiss in Paris
37. Learn to fix my own appliances/house/car instead of hiring someone
38. Learn how to drive stick-shift
39. Make my own bread
40. Grow/find a 4 leaf clover
41. Own a hybrid car
42. Own a mini cooper!
43. Master making my Baba's specialties: Tomato-rice soup, Borscht, and pierogies
44. Give someone a ridiculously extravagant Christmas gift
45. Paint a mural on a wall
46. Go on an adventure vacation complete with rock climbing and white water rafting
47. Work with a personal trainer
48. Get a promotion
49. Learn to ski
50. Develop better neatness, appearance-related, dietary, and financial habits

Wow that was kind of I feel like I should print it out and post it on my wall and get started or something lol.

For the sake of making myself feel productive, here's a list of things I would put with my "50 Things to Do before I Die" list but I've already done them.
1. Skydive
2. Go to Hawaii
3. Visit a volcano
4. Stargaze on top of a mountain
5. Travel outside the country
6. Have a one-night stand
7. Kiss passionately in the rain
8. Kiss someone underwater
9. Make a pie from scratch
10. Sing in front of an audience
11. Take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the country (actually when I rode it, it was the highest in the world!)
12. Give a speech in public
13. Join a sorority
14. Run for an officer position in a club
15. Fall madly in love
16. Have an earth-shattering kiss
17. Have a one night romantic fling (nonsexual) with a foreigner overseas
18. Experience a white Christmas (and Easter, and gotta love Cleveland)
19. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
20. Go crowd surfing
21. Swim in the ocean
22. Go to prom
23. Go to Disney World
24. Write a letter to my senator
25. Build a snowman
26. Learn to snowboard
27. Go to a sold out concert
28. Get a henna tattoo
29. See a shooting star
30. Make a homemade pizza
31. Run 5 miles
32. Drink wine in the tub
33. Write a poem
34. Make someone an extravagant Christmas gift
35. Stay up all night talking to someone
36. Run through an airport and kiss someone who came to pick me up
37. Go behind a waterfall
38. Take a trip on a ferry boat
39. See Niagra Falls
40. Spend a whole Saturday in bed
41. Have multiple orgasms
42. Have a major collection (beanie babies...I have like 200)
43. Buy something on Ebay
44. Do something illegal
45. Wear a ballgown
46. Go to a drive-in movie theater
47. Make a snow angel
48. Rake leaves and then jump in them
49. Go tobaggoning
50. Get a 4.0 one quarter in college

Today is such a wonderfully lazy day. It's been snowing like crazy all day and I am done with finals!! So I decided today is all about doing whatever I would like to do. So far it has entailed coming home, making pancakes, watching Love Actually, falling asleep, eating lunch, and writing this list. I'm about to go tackle the mess that is my room (which doesn't sound like fun but trust me, I'll enjoy it) and the mountain that is my laundry. Somewhere in there I'll get motivated to go to the gym, I just know it.

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Tromping Scribe said...

Good list so far...I've been working on a list of 1001 things I want to do before I die. I'm at 953 now or so.
I've posted entries on the things I've done already, I'm working on posting more!